There are some confessions we have to make. In fact, I’ve learned that we have to confess everything to someone, but not all things to everyone. Some confessions will hurt the ones we love and only serve our own selfish desires to be relieved of the guilt. Maybe even merely the guilt we feel about feeling the way we do. Not necessarily loving someone else, but even being angry at the person we love. Telling the person we are angry at that we are angry at them is only going to hurt them and spread more frustration and anger. When I discuss my frustrations with someone else I don’t tell the person I am frustrated with that I am discussing those frustrations with others. Even if I know I am doing everything for the purpose of being a better friend, husband, son etc.. The buck stops here. I can decide how to react to things, and what things to discuss and with whom. The goal for me is to see how I can take every situation and turn it into (if it isn’t already) a situation in which I can make the world a better place. By reacting to anger with love. By reacting to frustration with love. By treating pain with love. By healing every ailment with courtesy, kindness, justice, and love.

We give credit where credit is due and for all of our knowledge, wisdom, and successes we give credit to God, The Universe, A Spirit of The universe – whatever you want to call it. For our failures we can attribute that we did not rely on the source. We did not rely on our creator because when we rely entirely on our creator success is inevitable. Isn’t it also true that many of our failures are only failures in our perception? Isn’t it true that we find out later most of the time that what we once thought was a failure was simply a derailment that got us onto the right track where we otherwise may have gone off to the wrong one? Maybe it is fair to say that there really are no failures other then the failure of our perception – the failure on our own parts to recognize a situation for what it is? Just a situation. This to shall pass (Not my words of course).

The ultimate outcome of expressing my frustration about someone I love to another person should be that I find the guidance and the assurance that I need that everything is going to be ok for starters. Next I should learn where my conduct has been poor. Where my conduct may have lead another to react poorly to me. Because I can only change my own conduct. With this knowledge I can re-enter the relationship a new man. I can see where I can do right, and I don’t need to be concerned with where the other has done wrong. That is their responsibility. I will never be able to make another see their part in things – they have to do that on their own. By focusing on what I can give – what I can bring to the relationship I am empowered and the universe WILL give me what I want – it’s inevitable. So if I am giving love I will definitely get love in return. I just can’t be caught up in “how” I will get it, I just have to trust that I will get it.

Confess everything to someone, but not all things to everyone and most of all.. be careful who you confess to!