By 1999 I was 28 years old and I had pretty much wrecked my life with drugs and alcohol. My life had gotten really small. It was all about getting the next hit and fewer and fewer people were in the habit of talking to me. That was when I went through my second and so far final rehab. I started a new life having moved to California from New York with nothing left except the clothes on my back.

I hope to have a book published within the next few years going into more detail about my experiences. Maybe I’ll even share a few “war stories” about some of the crazy stuff I did when I was getting loaded. For now, however the point is that I am now 38 years old and living the “American Dream”, but maybe it is more accurate to say that I am living MY dream. I’m married; I’ve got the house, 2 cars, 3 dogs and an amazing home office in my backyard with my Koi pond. I love the sound of the water. It’s hard these days not to come back to my house and be completely grateful for what I have. These material things are all amazing and they really help, but here’s the most important thing I have gotten these past 10 years; relationships. I got my life back and with that I have been able to meet all kinds of people and I have developed amazing relationships. At 28 very few people wanted to deal with me. Today at 38 I get the opportunity to work with well respected members of society and they never once question whether or not they can trust me. This is a miracle.

Any time we do something to help ourselves it is my belief that a miracle has taken place because very few people actually set aside time to work on themselves. The only reason I ever did was because at first I had to. Now I do it because I want to, because I have seen the benefits.

The real miracle is in how this spreads. I help myself and everyone around me is affected in a positive way. Your smile can brighten someone else’s day. It can cause someone else to smile. Then they will brighten the days of everyone they encounter because people will see them smiling. So smile, and keep smiling please! You’re a miracle every time you do something to help yourself because every time you help yourself you wind up helping others – even if you don’t mean to!

This site is one of my ways of helping others and that is why I am offering the daily motivator for free.

Then I am offering an “upgrade” for those who want a little something more. It will give you access to the archive of all recordings. You can expect random phone calls from me, checking in with you and helping you to get excited about today. You will also receive a transcript of the daily motivator along with the MP3 recording each day. Next I will send you random gifts – either in the mail or via e-mail. These will be things intended to help you get excited about today. Maybe just a small token of my appreciation for you joining with me in this journey, but something that will remind you that someone is out there thinking of you. Loving you for who you are.

I hope you will join with me and at least listen to the FREE 3 minute daily motivators. My friends tell me that my words inspire them. In fact it was my good friend, Brian Rockowitz whom I have known since I was 21 making trouble on Wall St who came to me and asked me to do this based on the messages I was posting up there on Facebook.

Let’s work together and make this day an AMAZING day!

You’re a miracle!