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You know what happens when you start looking to lift the spirits of the people you encounter throughout the day? Yours get lifted, people appreciate you and they love your energy. Try it today – think of yourself as a motivational coach to everyone you talk to. In other words, listen to people and think of things to say to encourage them and excite them about themselves (which is most people’s favorite topic anyway). Watch the reaction you get from them and notice the feeling YOU get inside!

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You’re a MIRACLE!!


One of the things I get excited about today is meeting new people. Mike Dooley ( says that you should always be doing “something”. If I am unemployed and I sit at home then it is likely nothing will happen. But if I get out there and do “something” then “something” will happen. What I think this translates to in terms of actual experience is that by getting out there and doing “something” I will very possibly meet other human beings. As I meet these strange beings, I will begin to develop relationships with them. We talk about the laws of attraction like they are some mystical phenomenon. Here’s an example I like to use where the laws of attraction are very obvious and practical in nature. If I get out there with a positive attitude then 2 things begin to happen. One, I am out there doing something and two I am out there with a positive attitude. Well by being out there and doing something with a positive attitude I am going to attract people to me. This isn’t mystical and it isn’t metaphysical. It’s literal. Aren’t you attracted to people with a positive attitude? Isn’t that why you are reading this? Don’t you like reading something positive? So if I am out there with a positive attitude, then I am going to attract people to me. More than likely these are going to be other people with a positive attitude or at the very least a desire to be around those with positive attitudes in order to learn how to have ones themselves.

Coming to the point, when I attract people to me in this manner they will come with all kinds of opportunities. In Leveraging the Universe and Engaging the magic, Mike Dooley talks about an example of a guy who takes a job at a restaurant waiting tables even though he really needs to earn more money than this job affords. I am very roughly paraphrasing this. The guy does the job with gratitude and a great attitude. This gets noticed and eventually attracts the attention of the right person and he is ultimately lead from this experience to a very successful career.

When we get out there we get an opportunity to meet people. We begin to build relationships with them. This is very important in business and it is even more important (and I think often overlooked) in our personal lives. We don’t think of “networking” in our personal lives, but I propose the following. That we should be networking in our personal lives very much like what we do in business, but with a different end in mind. In my personal life my ultimate goal is to grow as a person. To learn to be more loving, caring, courteous, kind. To be a better husband, friend, son and so on. So shouldn’t I be “networking” or for that matter looking to surround myself with people who serve as an example of these things? If I recognize that someone I know is really respectful of his wife and instead of talking about what a “this” she is or a “that” she is he is talking about what an amazing partner she is – that’s the person I want to be around to learn how to be a better husband. On the other hand when I encounter the person bad mouthing his wife, I want to encourage him if I can to focus on what he can do to improve his relationship with his wife and a good first step might be to stop bad-mouthing her to his friends.

So I start to think about the people I want to surround myself with in business and in my personal life. The simple generic answer is to surround myself with positive people. Summarizing and taking it one step further I want to look for people who serve as an example to me of what I want to become. Then I can start asking them for guidance – this of course take a very important key life ingredient to be able to ask someone for guidance or help..

Shhh – don’t tell anyone. It’s a secret..


We learn and grow based on every experience and from every person whom we encounter. Very little of what we do or say is really “original” because it is all based on what we’ve read and heard from others and then we process the information and it goes through our minds. Our minds act like a filter putting our unique experience on the information and that it where the originality comes from. I have had many mentors and teachers in my life. Too many to list here, but if any of them chances upon this site, they will know who they are. They will see themselves in me and they will hopefully smile at the growth they can see based on what I have become. These teachers are like what we refer to in business as “power partners”. Who are your power partners? These are mentors – people who help you whether it is by coaching you, or referring you business or just listening when you need someone to talk to. Know who your power partners are in this life. It is so important. When we learn to recognize these people and what they mean to us, it becomes that much easier to recognize the people we do not want to surround ourselves with. The opposite of a power partner is someone who pulls you down and discourages you from fulfilling your dreams. Stick with the Power Partners and you are on your way to success!

Go ahead and post a comment here – answer the question. If you had absolute certainty that success was inevitable, what would you be doing today? In general? The only reason we think we can’t do something is the fear that we will not succeed at it. Eliminate the fear and success is inevitable! It really is that simple. The reason every successful person has become a success is because they never gave up. And it doesn’t just have to be in terms of career and money. I want to be the best father some day when I have kids. Right now I want to be the BEST husband ever. I want to be the BEST friend a person can have – and I know I cannot fail at these things!

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Planning your week ahead of time is a GREAT way to get excited about your week. The things you are going to do and the people you are going to see. It’s an amazing opportunity to make sure that you are doing all of the things that you want to do and that you LOVE to do! Even if you work a 9-5 job, plan a few key things you want to accomplish this week and watch yourself grow in your career and accomplishments as you do this each week! Next Sunday’s Daily Motivator will touch on this so be sure and sign up! It’s FREE.

When you plan your week have your calendar (MS Outlook or iCal or whatever you use) in front of you and break out that To-Do list. Take items off of your to do list and put them on your calendar so you literally plan their accomplishment as to time and date. The act of getting these things accomplished will make you feel good – like you are moving forward and progressing. All it takes is an hour on a Sunday before you get out there and enjoy your day, or maybe in the evening before you retire!

You’re a Miracle! Get excited about today!

Make sure that you find at least one person today and pay them a nice compliment. Of course it has to be sincere / from the heart. This is a POWERFUL way to get out of yourself and really lift someone else’s spirit, yet you’ll be amazed at what a powerful impact it has on how you’re feeling about YOU!

You’re a miracle! Imagine the odds with all of the pages on the internet and all of the things you could have been doing right now that you wound up here of all places just to get this simple yet powerful message. You’re a miracle!

Congratulations! Just by being here you have made a decision to do something for yourself. Even the smallest act in an effort to help yourself will in turn help 100’s of people that you come into contact with today. It will be visible in you – the fact that you are excited about today. Think about how you feel when you are excited to go somewhere or do something. Get excited the same way about going into today – it’s worth it, I promise.

Last night I was in a terrible mood when my friend/colleague invited me to join him at the Burbank Chamber of Commerce Mixer. We are both members and I was not planning on going. I went and my mood kept getting worse. The parking was terrible, the layout of the event was bad; I couldn’t get around people or find my friend who invited me to meet him there. It wasn’t really any of those things. I asked myself, how do I turn this around? The answer is simple. I go talk to some people and get out of that terrible place where I live –  my mind! Next thing I know I am talking to people and finding out about them. By the end of the night I met a wonderful young woman who just started a law firm and has many entrepreneurs she would like to refer to me for help with their businesses. What a way to turn things around, right?

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