You’re a miracle! Imagine the odds with all of the pages on the internet and all of the things you could have been doing right now that you wound up here of all places just to get this simple yet powerful message. You’re a miracle!

Congratulations! Just by being here you have made a decision to do something for yourself. Even the smallest act in an effort to help yourself will in turn help 100’s of people that you come into contact with today. It will be visible in you – the fact that you are excited about today. Think about how you feel when you are excited to go somewhere or do something. Get excited the same way about going into today – it’s worth it, I promise.

Last night I was in a terrible mood when my friend/colleague invited me to join him at the Burbank Chamber of Commerce Mixer. We are both members and I was not planning on going. I went and my mood kept getting worse. The parking was terrible, the layout of the event was bad; I couldn’t get around people or find my friend who invited me to meet him there. It wasn’t really any of those things. I asked myself, how do I turn this around? The answer is simple. I go talk to some people and get out of that terrible place where I live –  my mind! Next thing I know I am talking to people and finding out about them. By the end of the night I met a wonderful young woman who just started a law firm and has many entrepreneurs she would like to refer to me for help with their businesses. What a way to turn things around, right?

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