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We learn and grow based on every experience and from every person whom we encounter. Very little of what we do or say is really “original” because it is all based on what we’ve read and heard from others and then we process the information and it goes through our minds. Our minds act like a filter putting our unique experience on the information and that it where the originality comes from. I have had many mentors and teachers in my life. Too many to list here, but if any of them chances upon this site, they will know who they are. They will see themselves in me and they will hopefully smile at the growth they can see based on what I have become. These teachers are like what we refer to in business as “power partners”. Who are your power partners? These are mentors – people who help you whether it is by coaching you, or referring you business or just listening when you need someone to talk to. Know who your power partners are in this life. It is so important. When we learn to recognize these people and what they mean to us, it becomes that much easier to recognize the people we do not want to surround ourselves with. The opposite of a power partner is someone who pulls you down and discourages you from fulfilling your dreams. Stick with the Power Partners and you are on your way to success!


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