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Where do you get your inspiration? Please post your comments here and let us know. This will undoubtedly help others who are looking for inspiration. I will post 3 places where I presently get my inspiration.

  • The first is from the people I come into contact with – I get genuinely interested in them and then I ask them how things are going. I will even ask them leading questions designed to get people to talk about what things are going well in their lives. When I hear what’s working well for you, it gives me inspiration – I feel good and usually I generate some great ideas for myself based on this.
  • Second place I get inspiration is from technology. As I explore the web or read people’s e-mails I don’t just read what they wrote to me – I look past that. My most recent inspiration came from that – I received an e-mail from someone I met at a Burbank Chamber event and noticed that she had invited me to join a network. I got curious about how she set this up and before I knew it I was creating a private network of my own and inviting people I knew to join. Sort of my own mini-Facebook but geared towards people I do business with and have found to be the BEST at what they do. If you are someone I’ve worked with I may have sent you an invite last night, or very early (about 4:30) this morning.
  • Third – recording these daily motivators. It forces me to consciously think positive so I can transmit a message to you along those lines. Trust me I am not always feeling this upbeat every day when I wake up, but after recording 2 or 3 of these I feel MUCH better. Google AVS audio, get a microphone for your computer and try it out for yourself.
  • Fourth – here’s a bonus one – writing. I LOVE to write so when I do it, I feel really good. If I could spend my whole day writing and getting paid for it, I would – and that is the direction I am heading in as I write more and more content for the web.

So there you have it. This is where I get my inspiration from. I do hope to see some comments here in the next day or so!


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  • Seth

I love people and I love spending time with people. I’ve talked a lot about lists in the 3 minute daily motivators because lists really help me. They give me something to refer back to for guidance because I am human enough to recognize that I don’t remember everything. So I have a list of the things I like in people which becomes the same list of things I would like to see in myself. I have a list of the things that make me feel good so when I am feeling down I can look at that list and just pick something from that list to do RIGHT NOW!

So the lists are great but of course I have to use them, which means I have to refer to them. One of the things I literally just added to my list of the things that make me feel good is spending time with people who’s company I really enjoy. You’re going to hear about this soon in a Daily Motivator. When I spend time with people I enjoy I feel good. I feel happy because it makes me feel good to be with people I enjoy. I feel useful because hopefully they enjoy my company as well. It usually works that way – if I don’t like someone, there is a good chance they also do not like me. Even if they do like me, after spending a little time with me they will get the sense about how I feel about them and they may or may not realize it, but either way they will begin to get the sense that they do not enjoy my company. Well the opposite is also true and as always this is the side of things I want to focus on. If I enjoy spending time with someone there is a good chance they also enjoy the time with me. When someone compliments me I feel good- I enjoy being around them because I like being complimented. So this tells me that there is a good chance that if I compliment others they are going to enjoy being with me. Try it. Today and tomorrow I want you to make an effort to compliment people as much and as often as possible. Conversely as soon as you find you are about to say something negative, I want you to hold off. Don’t say it. Instead find something complimentary to say to them and everyone else. Do this for 2 days then e-mail me at and tell me if your day wasn’t AMAZING!!

It’s really true that all you have to do is say it, and you begin to feel it. I can wake up in the worst mood and all I have to do is start saying, “I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be an amazing day.” I begin feeling it right away. Then I can focus my thoughts on what I am doing that day – even look at my calendar and start thinking in terms of what I can do to enhance the experience. Maybe I can do something creative to make that meeting I have more interesting. Or maybe there is someone I am going to see today that I can think about in terms of what is going on in their lives so I can make sure to remember to ask them about some important event in their life. It will make them feel really good, which will in turn make me feel really good. Don’t just go into your day, plan it – make it happen, make it interesting and most importantly do EVERYTHING in your power to make it fun.

Looks like another day in paradise has come to an end. I had a real productive day today. Enjoyed my time with my client and managed to get in some really good interaction with some really good people. This is a great time at the end of the day to think about what I accomplished today and then to take a quick peek at tomorrow’s schedule to see what I have ahead. Sure enough it looks like another great day – why wouldn’t it be? I am going to be working with one of my clients – and I love my clients, I’ve arranged it that way. I’ve read in several places and seen in a video that what you are thinking about in the last 5 minutes before you fall asleep is critical. Jack Canfield suggests that you go to sleep thinking about what you have planned for tomorrow so that you can have your subconscious creative mind work on that for you in your sleep. Either way it is no doubt important to go to sleep with positive thoughts flowing. If you are angry spend a few minutes quieting your mind and thinking about something good. Something that makes you happy.

I love what I am surrounded with today – including you!

I just got this and thought you might be interested. Mike Dooley is one of the people I listen to for my own inspiration. I like him because he’s “real”, I don’t feel like I am getting a lot of “fluff” from him. If you’re available check him out on this call tonight…

JAMBO Seth!!

The phone number for tonight’s Bridge Call with Mike has just been changed to allow up to 1,000 listeners, however, all callers will be responsible for their normal long distance rates.

Here’s the NEW number to call:

US Number to Call: (712) 432-0075
Participant Access Code: 103736#

Canadian and International callers can call the same number, but for all callers, your normal, long distance rates will be charged by your service provider. There are NO other fees or costs.

To hear a recording of the call, after hours, the playback number is 1(712)432-1085. Use the same access code, 103736#

The call starts at 9 PM EST tonight (October 7th)!

We hope that you’ll join us!! Mike will be talking about Infinite Possibilities, reading some of his favorite passages from the book, and answering listener’s questions!

We love you!!!!!!

The TUT Team

One of the things I get excited about today is meeting new people. Mike Dooley ( says that you should always be doing “something”. If I am unemployed and I sit at home then it is likely nothing will happen. But if I get out there and do “something” then “something” will happen. What I think this translates to in terms of actual experience is that by getting out there and doing “something” I will very possibly meet other human beings. As I meet these strange beings, I will begin to develop relationships with them. We talk about the laws of attraction like they are some mystical phenomenon. Here’s an example I like to use where the laws of attraction are very obvious and practical in nature. If I get out there with a positive attitude then 2 things begin to happen. One, I am out there doing something and two I am out there with a positive attitude. Well by being out there and doing something with a positive attitude I am going to attract people to me. This isn’t mystical and it isn’t metaphysical. It’s literal. Aren’t you attracted to people with a positive attitude? Isn’t that why you are reading this? Don’t you like reading something positive? So if I am out there with a positive attitude, then I am going to attract people to me. More than likely these are going to be other people with a positive attitude or at the very least a desire to be around those with positive attitudes in order to learn how to have ones themselves.

Coming to the point, when I attract people to me in this manner they will come with all kinds of opportunities. In Leveraging the Universe and Engaging the magic, Mike Dooley talks about an example of a guy who takes a job at a restaurant waiting tables even though he really needs to earn more money than this job affords. I am very roughly paraphrasing this. The guy does the job with gratitude and a great attitude. This gets noticed and eventually attracts the attention of the right person and he is ultimately lead from this experience to a very successful career.

When we get out there we get an opportunity to meet people. We begin to build relationships with them. This is very important in business and it is even more important (and I think often overlooked) in our personal lives. We don’t think of “networking” in our personal lives, but I propose the following. That we should be networking in our personal lives very much like what we do in business, but with a different end in mind. In my personal life my ultimate goal is to grow as a person. To learn to be more loving, caring, courteous, kind. To be a better husband, friend, son and so on. So shouldn’t I be “networking” or for that matter looking to surround myself with people who serve as an example of these things? If I recognize that someone I know is really respectful of his wife and instead of talking about what a “this” she is or a “that” she is he is talking about what an amazing partner she is – that’s the person I want to be around to learn how to be a better husband. On the other hand when I encounter the person bad mouthing his wife, I want to encourage him if I can to focus on what he can do to improve his relationship with his wife and a good first step might be to stop bad-mouthing her to his friends.

So I start to think about the people I want to surround myself with in business and in my personal life. The simple generic answer is to surround myself with positive people. Summarizing and taking it one step further I want to look for people who serve as an example to me of what I want to become. Then I can start asking them for guidance – this of course take a very important key life ingredient to be able to ask someone for guidance or help..

Shhh – don’t tell anyone. It’s a secret..


It’s always the little things that count the most. We’ve heard it said a million times by a million people, but do we really think about what that means? The actual inspiration for this very idea came about because I posted a message on Facebook reminding people to tell at least one person that you love them. Within minutes a bunch of people chimed in and told me they love me. Then a friend of mine, Brian contacted me and asked me to call him to tell him about something that ultimately translated to “You’re A Miracle”. Brian at one time had seen me at just about my worst, and today he gets to see me at my absolute best! He complimented me on my positive attitude and proceeded to inform me of a guy named Robert J Sturner who had a company called “Super Life Motivational Co”. Robert would send out cassettes and printouts for each day of the month in a package that went out once per month. He was really positive and upbeat. All of it was designed to “..fill your minds with those things that are good and deserve praise, things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and honorable…”. That’s a direct quote from one of his transcripts in which he was quoting the bible. This is not a religious program, but it is spiritual in nature. Practice any religion you want or none at all – we talk about god as a supreme force that lives within and without each and every one of us. Robert J Sturner appealed to sales people. It makes sense – sales people want to be motivated and upbeat. So a good deal of what he sent out talked about asking for the order and making money. My plan is to take that concept and make it more generic. So where he may have said, “Ask for the order” I will say, “Ask for what you want”. He might have said “Make one more phone call” and I will say make one more effort. I will be studying his materials forwarded to me by my friend Brian in an effort to bring you something modeled after what he did only with my “flavor” which of course includes not just the use of technology to make all of this easier, but live webinars and other materials (for the paid subscribers) to help you use what you have inside you and bring it out in a manner that maximizes both motivation and productivity.

It was Brian’s compliments that really inspired me and reminded me that I can do this. That this is something I have wanted to have the opportunity to do for many years.

Robert J Sturner passed away on September 8, 2009. You can read about him on his daughter’s blog:

I don’t know anything about him myself other than what I’ve read and heard from Brian. Based on that I can only say that this was apparently a “Super Man” and it is never going to be my intention to take his place, only to carry on his legacy in a manner that is appropriate and one that honors his memory while I continue in my own journey in this miraculous life!

Go ahead and post a comment here – answer the question. If you had absolute certainty that success was inevitable, what would you be doing today? In general? The only reason we think we can’t do something is the fear that we will not succeed at it. Eliminate the fear and success is inevitable! It really is that simple. The reason every successful person has become a success is because they never gave up. And it doesn’t just have to be in terms of career and money. I want to be the best father some day when I have kids. Right now I want to be the BEST husband ever. I want to be the BEST friend a person can have – and I know I cannot fail at these things!

Next Tuesday’s daily motivator will cover this. Make sure you sign up – it’s FREE.

Planning your week ahead of time is a GREAT way to get excited about your week. The things you are going to do and the people you are going to see. It’s an amazing opportunity to make sure that you are doing all of the things that you want to do and that you LOVE to do! Even if you work a 9-5 job, plan a few key things you want to accomplish this week and watch yourself grow in your career and accomplishments as you do this each week! Next Sunday’s Daily Motivator will touch on this so be sure and sign up! It’s FREE.

When you plan your week have your calendar (MS Outlook or iCal or whatever you use) in front of you and break out that To-Do list. Take items off of your to do list and put them on your calendar so you literally plan their accomplishment as to time and date. The act of getting these things accomplished will make you feel good – like you are moving forward and progressing. All it takes is an hour on a Sunday before you get out there and enjoy your day, or maybe in the evening before you retire!

You’re a Miracle! Get excited about today!


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