Ask yourself if you are doing at this very moment the same thing you would be doing if you knew you couldn’t fail. Then start doing that or taking steps in that direction immediately because the truth is you cannot fail so long as you don’t give up. The moment we give up is the only time we ever fail and even then, that is only if we never again choose to pick up the pieces we dropped and start at it again. We move on, no matter what and we never do anything alone. We must find the right mentors in our lives and lean on them for guidance. These are the people who have walked down the roads we are now walking on before us. They will let us know where we can avoid bumps. They will guide us so that we can achieve success with less strife than they had to go through. Then the real kicker comes in. The final and ultimate success only comes when we each turn around and look for the next person who needs to lean on us as a mentor and a guide. It is only then that we become an integrated part of the Universe – A part of the ultimate solution – to be a person among persons and to reach out and help others achieve their own successes. Become a teacher. Not necessarily in the vocational sense, but in the whole life sense. It works on every level – the classes I got the best grades in when I was in school were the ones where I was teaching the material to a classmate. This was the greatest reinforcement of what I was learning myself. Life is like this. Learn a lesson then find someone else to pass that lesson along to as soon as you can – before you forget so that the knowledge becomes a part of you. If you can live according to these kinds of principals – spiritual principals then success is inevitable. In fact it is as instant as when you choose to live this way. In a moment.. in this moment you are an incredible success just because you can read this and decide.. this is how I want to live my life. Then all you have to do is practice what you preach and remember that you are not going to do it perfectly. That’s why we all need to have mentors and be a mentor at all times.