My wife and I like to watch the show million dollar listing. It’s about these young guys who work as real estate agents and they represent some of the wealthiest people in Los Angeles selling homes in the 5 million dollar range and earning commissions of around $125,000 per sale. One of the families on the show was forced to sell their home, which they had built themselves and put some real creative genius into it. It was so sad especially when the agent had to ask them to reduce the already reduced price because it wasn’t selling. I told my wife this was god (or the universe if you prefer) doing for them what they could not do for themselves. She didn’t understand me – why would god not help them get out of this situation and I said somehow they are going to be able to stay in that house. Sure enough in the next episode it turned out they were able to get a loan modification enabling them to stay.

I recently had a similar type of experience. Going into December I was a little worried. November was a little slow for me and before I sat down to plan December it was looking like more of the same. In fact thanksgiving weekend I had not yet scheduled a thing for the first week in December and usually I am scheduled 2 weeks out. So after a little bit of panicking I remembered all of the things I’ve learned and talked about over the years – that I don’t need to panic – I didn’t come this far just to have it all fall apart on me and that ultimately I needed to have faith that everything was happening exactly as it should be happening right at this very moment. So I sat down to plan the month and within an hour the first week was scheduled and I was happy. I had a couple of scattered appointments for week 2. I wasn’t worried anymore – I had just been shown what I have seen over and over again – it always works out somehow. Then the week began and I got into a project that wound up taking so many hours it filled the week’s time way beyond what I expected pushing other projects aside. Then the calls start coming in from people looking for yearend help. Now I am completely inundated and in fact the first week of December was a record week for me business-wise.

So remember this – as bad as things ever get – you have nothing to worry about because you have no idea what is right around the corner. You might just win the lottery. But you have to play it to win it – life is like that too!