I hope everybody had a GREAT Thanksgiving! Please take some leftovers (or find out what’s appropriate to take) to people who are less fortunate so that they can have a meal!

Search Google for [your city] homeless shelters and you will find a ton. Call one and ask how/where you can bring some food.

It will take an hour or two of your time, but could add years on to the lives of people who can really use not just the food, but the knowledge that someone out there cares!

I have been watching some videos from Tim Ferriss and now I plan to read his book, “The 4 Hour Work Week”. I don’t honestly know about the “4” hour work week, but I believe already very strongly in some of what he has to say about “unplugging and resetting”. Watch one of his videos here.

Identify Distractions and create a NOT to do List, but don’t focus on the “Not” to do, just identify the items that go on this list for clarity. We are overloaded with distractions, checking e-mail every 5 minutes and having these devices that enable people to get a hold of us anytime, anywhere. I am guilty of this too! So here’s what I am proposing as a solution to help us reclaim some sanity.

  • Set your e-mail to capture e-mail only every ½ hour.
  • Let people know that if it is an emergency they can contact you on your cell phone. Many of the messages which are really not that important will be filtered out this way.
  • Set up a schedule for your day that says, “these are the times I will be available”. Let’s say from 8am to 6pm.
    • After 6 pm I am at home with my family, reading, meditating, and watching TV – no cell phone, no e-mail. It can all wait until 8am the following morning.
  • The most important thing and the hardest one, is sticking to it once you set it in place. It will be difficult at first – I am having difficulty doing it, but I keep getting better at it.
    • Set an autoresponder on your e-mail that lets people know when you will be available to help them.
  • The end result should be that during the hours you are putting in, you will be 10 times more productive because you will have 10 times more energy to focus.
  • You will be able to focus better knowing that you will have the other time to handle your personal affairs.
  • This is how to balance everything!


You can start today!