• I am thankful first and foremost for G-d, my higher power, the spirit of the Universe, or whatever you would like to call him/her.
  • I am second thankful for my sobriety because that is literally what has enabled me to have this amazing life I have today.
  • I am Third thankful for my parents who have shown me unconditional love throughout my entire life. Even when I couldn’t see it because I was a bratty, spoiled teenager, they were always there – loving me, guiding me, and ready to give me the help I needed when I was ready to have it. Mother and Father are “God” in the eyes of a child. Remember that the next time you want to yell at your kids.
  • I am fourth thankful for my wife, who loves me unconditionally, guides me, makes sure I take care of myself, and most importantly she is ALWAYS there for me. I am also grateful that she is an AMAZING cook 🙂
  • I am fifth thankful for the rest of my family. I would and do go to great lengths to spend time with them. I love them, and I miss them (they are all on the east coast or in other countries).
  • I am sixth thankful for all of my friends. Friends are people I really think of as family. They are the people I speak with on a weekly basis if not daily. They are the ones who form my surroundings. Surroundings I have worked hard to create based on everything I love, and none of the things I don’t absolutely love
  • I am seventh thankful for everything that has been given to me. All of the material things that make life comfortable. These are the things that enable me to be free to help those that I love because I am not worried about the material things I do not have – I am instead grateful for the things I do have, and I can be an example of this.
  • I am eighth grateful for the things which have been taken away from me. How does the saying go? Thank you for that which you’ve taken away, it frees my hands for the next gift i will receive? Something like that – You get the point!
  • I am ninth grateful for that which has been left behind. Everything I still have after everything that has been given to me, and everything that has been taken away.
  • I am tenth grateful for my awareness. The opportunity to pay attention to the people and the things around me. When you point out my mistakes, you help me grow. When you point out my successes, you encourage me to continue.
  • I am eleventh grateful for my ability to further develop my relationships with people, with God, and with myself. This opportunity gives my life REAL meaning.
  • I am twelfth grateful for the incredible opportunity I have to give back to people. To listen when someone needs an ear, to guide when someone asks for advice, to know when I am not knowledgeable enuogh to give advice, and to be humble enough to admit that. Generally being able to be there for others gives my life true purpose and meaning. It is those acts that will be left behind when I am gone more than anything else!

Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone! I love you!